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MAABA Executive Committee group of directors appointed to act on behalf of, and within the powers granted to them by, the board of directors. Typically, it consists of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, and treasurer.

maaba marc lazarus

Meet Marc Lazarus

Mr. Lazarus has served as lead counsel on hundreds of litigated actions in which he has taken and/or defended over a thousand depositions of parties, witnesses, and experts.

He has also represented clients as lead counsel on approximately five bench trials, approximately twenty jury trials, approximately one hundred binding arbitrations, more than a hundred judicial arbitrations, and over two hundred mediations, mandatory settlement conferences, and voluntary settlement conferences.

He specializes in cases resulting in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, shoulder injuries, wrist and hand injuries, knee injuries, and ankle injuries. Mr. Lazarus’ knowledge in the area of medicine has served to greatly improve the value of his clients’ cases throughout his career.

maaba chris russell

Meet Chris Russell

For over 32 years, Personal Injury Lawyer Chris Russell has represented over 5,000 clients in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties in regards to their personal injury claims. He is a highly respected and experienced attorney who puts his clients’ interests first. As a result, he has obtained on behalf of his clients over $300 million in personal injury compensation.

He has worked on almost every type of personal injury claim imaginable, including motor vehicle collisions, product liability claims, slip, trip and fall claims, premises liability claims, animal inflicted injury claims, work related claims, sexual assault claims, and the list goes on. The common theme to all of these claims was that someone was injured and they needed help. Chris’ goal in helping people is two fold; get them better and get them fair compensation. Chris has recovered compensation on behalf of his clients 95% of the time. Chris does not shy away from taking on difficult liability claims when the injuries are substantial, which is why it is not at 100%.

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